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next week, too. have a great weekend. playoff fever gripping the bay area as 49 ever playoff tickets go on sale. new information about the 1981 death of natalee wood. plus bracing for the flu to hit the bay area. all at noon.
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good afternoon i'm rita williams. tori campbell is off today. in less than an hour oakland police and city officials are scheduled to address the recent rash of deadly violence in that
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city. alex savidge is live right now at city hall with what city leaders are expected to say. alex what are they expected to say? >> reporter: well, they are supposed to come up with some solutions some ways to try to curb the shootings. it was a particularly violent weekend in oakland. this announcement will involve both the mayor and police chief. again it will happen within the hour. the announcement will take place right at the spot where three-year-old carlos nava was killed back in 2001. you may remember this shooting. the young boy hit by a stray bullet and right now there is a mural that has been painted in that area in his honor. no one from oakland police or the mayor's office has culled me back. we do understand the focus will be on the four homicides in oakland this past friday and the 11 people wounded by gunfire over the weekend. just last night five people were shot at a birthday party.
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the surge in violence has led larry reid to be called as a state of emergency. the move would free up funds from the state. now many in oakland agree with the councilman. >> i think it's way out of control. and no mother or father should have to bury their child. and nobody should have to lose a family member. we lost enough. it's bad enough we lose schools and libraries. now we lose more family members. >> reporter: and that man i talked with a short time ago a lifelong oakland resident told me his brother was actually shot not long ago. he said the violence in this city touches everyone. oakland police say much of the violence they have seen over the past few days is being fueled by gangs retaliating against one another. again, chief of police here in oakland, mayor, and community leaders will be gathering. it gets started at 12:45. we are live in oakland this afternoon alex savidge ktvu
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channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex . later today this afternoon two men are to enter pleas in the connection of the deaths of two teenage girls killed in oakland. 18-year-old de on they powell is charged with two countsover murder and 20-year-old antonio edwards is charged with driving the get away car. president obama is warning congress that time is running short to raise the nation's debt ceiling and that failing to act would be irresponsible. he made the comments this morning during the last press conference of his first term. the president said he wants to make it clear that raising the debt ceiling will not raise -- he warned that if congressional republicans fail to approve legislation to pay america's
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bills on time, everything from social security checks to veterans benefits could be delayed. >> last time they flirted with this delay our aaa credit rating was downgraded. our business have created the fewest jobs of any month in the past three years. and ironically the whole fiasco actually haded to the deaf -- actually added to the deficit. >> reporter: president obama is reviewing a list of proposals from joe biden about how to reduce gun violence. the two met earlier today to go over the vice president's recommendations over how to tighten tougher gun laws. among the proposals under consideration are a ban on assault weapons and high capacity ammunition clips. here in the bay area gun buy
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back is scheduled for tomorrow in marin city. the event offers gun owners $200 to turn in their semi automat weapons. and $100 for other guns. the guns can be brought to police stations in novato, san rafael, and point rays from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. guns will be accepted from residents of marin, sonoma, san francisco and contra costa counties. santa cruz police are searching for a man who groped a 12-year-old girl. here is a police sketch of thiasus protect. the girl was attacked on friday as she walked home from school on watt null avenue. the suspected is described as latino in his 20s about six feet tall. more than 250 pounds and wearing wire rim glasses. marin city man is accused of rape is behind bars today. jovan jones sexually assaulted a woman as she entered her home
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saturday night. jones was booked on charges including rape, burglary, robbery, aggravated assault and false imprisonment. los angeles police have made a until a swat team stormed into the store early friday morning. the suspects got away. police are releasing few details about the arrest but say one person was taken into custody on friday. another arrest came the following day at a phoenix hotel. police say at least three people were injured during the hostage stand off. including one employee who was sexually assaulted. authorities shed more light on the 1981 death of hollywood actress natalee wood. coroners officials changed her cause of death from drowning to drowning and other undetermined factors. this based on unexplained
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bruises on her upper body. she was on a yacht with her husband when she drowned. and now we have weather with rosemary orozco. >> thank you. the oakland police say that black ice caused a multicar crash this morning in the oakland hills. we were showing yo i that video a moment ago. we are still in the 40s. if you can take a look at the numbers around the bay area. 43 san rafael. 46 in san francisco right now. 47 mountain view. low 40s outside your door in livermore. this after warming 10-20 degrees over the course of the morning. 22 in petaluma this morning. 27 in napa. mid 30s in the city of san francisco. 26 walnut creek. and 23-degrees in phil -- in
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gilroy. the cold spell will continue one more night. coming up in a few moments i will detail this for you and have a look at what you can expect for this afternoon coming up. >> thank you. playoff fever is now sweeping the bay area. ktvu brian flores reports after this weekend's decisive win 489er fan -- 49er fans are ready to roll on. all the way to the super bowl. >> you are exactly right. good afternoon to you. even though that lost playoff game a couple days old, there is no shortage of 49er pride. you're taking a look at a huge san francisco 49ers flag here on top of the financial district building. the talk at least this noon hour is a play of the 49ers and especially quarterback collin kaepernick. fans are just excited about this weekend's game. they are confident the team will win against the falcons. if you're playing ongoing to atlanta you may want to grab
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tickets now. i just checked on ticket master about 20 minutes ago. there are still tickets available but the cheapest ticket was around $245.79. i was able to find a pair of tickets for $118. you can also check nfl ticket exchange. ticket master cities those tickets won't go on sale until all the regular season tickets are sold. majority of fans will be watching the game at home this weekend. we spoke with 49ers and falcons fan and they explained why their team is going to win. >> so exciting. i wish i i was at the game but i didn't get tickets. a lot of us hung out and watched the game. really excited for next weekend and hopefully going to the super bowl. >> they usually sort of crumble this time of year. but they came back. 31 seconds left and they kept fighting. they will keep fighting. they've had a taste of the reed option. i think they will try to come up with something to try to
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contain him. >> reporter: and of course as you can imagine merchandise is flying off the shelves as well. i checked with the nfl college shop they say they have plenty of inventory. when i called the sf sports in the san francisco center they say they were completely sold out of collin kaepernick jerseys. a lot of fans excited. good luck on trying to find the collin kaepernick jerseys. you can watch the game right here on ktvu channel 2. live here in san francisco i'm brian flores. >> that is right. you can watch the 49ers take on the falcons right here on ktvu channel 2. our coverage begins sunday after mornings on 2 with nfl championship chase at 10:00 a.m.. kickoff is just afternoon. you can also find more on the 49 everies super bowl quest on the nfl playoffs tab on wide spread flu is on the way to california. we'll tell you how bad the situation is here and how you
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can may have trouble finding a vaccine. an increase in ridership on bart. why it's causing problems for the transit agency. at ikea, we don't just design furniture. we design good mornings. little experiments. big ideas. brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone.
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california is one of only three states where an epidemic
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of the flu has not been declared but public health officials say that is likely to change in the coming months. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega is live in santa clara to update us on the situation there and why getting the flu vaccine seems to be getting more difficult. janine. >> reporter: rita, i spoke with a have doctor í from the public health department he tells me they are seeing more people being treated for respiratory viruses rather than the flu. he still wants to people to be protected. at kizer santa clara the staff saw an increase in the number of patients in their emergency room being treated for the flu and respiratory illness. people were given masks inside to keep the sickness from spreading. the flu has hit hard with new york being the latest state to declare a public notice. in santa clara county the numbers show that 1% had a severe case and had been hospitalized but health
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officials say with people traveling influenza could become wide spread here. >> the key things are get your flu shot. make sure you don't go to work if you are sick. people like to go to work when they are sick. but they are spreading the germs and wash your hands, cover your cough. >> reporter: numerous big chains told me they were out of the chain. rite aid said they had flu shots available but the pharmacist said they ran out. al greens in san hoosier were also cleaned out. i found a customer wearing a mask because she has cold symptoms and trouble breathing but says she's not vaccinated. >> yeah. i can't breathe. so that's the main thing. not feeling too good. but i'm not sure if it's the flu or cold. >> reporter: local health officials say there is still time to get a flu shot. they actually have some available here at the public
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health department. they tell me it take about two weeks once you get the shot before it becomes effective. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. and santa rosa memorial hospital nurses are kicking off a two-day strike. it's the third strike in four months amid contract negotiations. replacement nurses have been hired on a four-day contract which means striking nurses could be locked out until friday. the windsor urgent care center will be temporarily closed today and tomorrow and patients will be treated at santa rosa and roanoke park urgent care facilities. pg&e is defending its pipeline testing before the blast. it was up to gas industry standards according to a report from the chronicle. previously company executives admitted to problems with pg&e's pipeline testing and
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maintenance. killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. cyclist lance armstrong reportedly apologized to the staff before sitting down for a 90 minute interview with oprah winfrey. live strong is armstrong's cancer charity. in an interview set to air on thursday night armstrong is expected to admit to doping after more than a decade of denial. armstrong was stripped of his seven tour de france titles last year. bart's increased ridership has brought a lot more people than the agency expected. the san francisco chronicle reports bart averages 390,000 rides a weekday. now that is 6% higher than last year. the agency was expecting an increase of less than 2%. there are so many riders some commuters don't feel safe. >> if a train gets taken out of service, the bart platform gets
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really crowded and it's a little nerve wracking. i think it's also dangerous. >> now bart officials are looking at expanding the platforms at the embarcadero and montgomery stations. one man is recovering after a fire broke out in his apartment in berkeley early this morning. it happened on acton street and bancroft way just after midnight. firefighters say the injured man suffered minor burns and smoke inhalation. neighbors say they heard him screaming for help. >> i heard some popping sounds and then i heard him yelling call 911 and so that's what i did. >> she says the victim is the landlord of the building. according to the fire chief the cause is still under investigation but he does not think that it appears to be suspicious. the looming threat of closing clayton cities only fire station has now been put to rest. authorities say instead of a full closure fire officials will staff the station from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
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monday through saturday. the fire crew scene engine will be staffed from nearby station 22 in concord during those hours. good afternoon to you. cool dry weather will continue around the bay area for your afternoon. giving you a look at well all that sunshine out there. isn't that a gorgeous looking view over the bay and golden gate? we have just gorgeous blue skies overhead. although you will need that jacket and you will probably need it the entire day. again into the lunch hour and we are still struggling in the 40s. 46 calistoga. 47 petaluma. 50 degrees in hills burg. if we head to the east bay dealing with 48. walnut creek 48. 26 in mt. diablo. in the hills it's a little breezy with the windshield pack -- windchill factor mt. diablo feels like nine degrees. 48 in san jose 48 morgan hill.
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47 belmont. 46 menlo park. you get the idea most of us pretty chilly. for some of us brisk as well. oakland 14 miles an hour breeze. sfo16. 17 in san jose. if you do have the breeze, you are definitely going to notice because it will feel even chillier than that 40 some degrees. temperatures will remain on the cool side. for some of us we'll only be warming. 54 in berkeley for the afternoon. 53 san francisco. 53 expected in hayward. 49 for antioch. 51 for concord. into the north bay low to mid 50s. 55 expected santa rosa. how about the south bay? 53 for you san jose. 51 in morgan hill. low 50s for los gatos. 54 degrees in santa cruz. as we start tomorrow morning, temperatures will be just as chilly giving you a look at the pacific satellite view. the ridge of high pressure over the pacific easy to see.
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you see that big arch all the way into alaska. alaska normally warm because of that ridge there. we continue with this pattern at least for one more night. tomorrow morning we'll have the frost advisory once again around the bay. the freeze warning for inland valleys northeast and in the south. south of san jose. numbers very similar to tomorrow. afternoon highs will be slightly warmer. it's not until wednesday morning we expect to feel just a bit of a difference as we get out the door in the morning. and afternoon highs will begin to bump up in the low 60s which is a little bit above average for this time of year. we've been below normal by 4-8 degrees through the weekend and now today as well. into the weekend low 60s in the forecast. at least above freezing as we start the morning on saturday and sunday. but boy it's been cold and it's been dry. the extended forecast no rain just yet. >> it has been cold. i have to say for anybody who has lived other than california, we have so much to
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be thankful for. a few cool mornings is not bad. >> you're right. >> thank you. former president george h.w. bush was released from a houston hospital today. according to his spokesman the 88-year-old former president was there for nearly a month. he was admitted on november 23rd for bronchitis but he remained hospitalized after battling a stubborn cough. there is bad news for apple regarding the iphone five. we'll tell you about that. and the royal palace
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take aing a live look at -- taking a live look at the stock market. the dow is up 30 points to 13,517. apple has trimmed down its orders for the lcd panels used for the iphone 5. japan leading business newspaper says apple originally planned to have suppliers make 65 million of the new phones but according if a new report apple has cut that order in half because of weaker than expected demand. coca-cola is addressing the obesity epidemic with a super sized commercial today. it's a two minute ad which stresses obesity and says it's not just a soda related problem. the ad will air during popular
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cable news shows. it's part of a larger sad campaign about sodas, calories, and public health. we now know when the royal couple is expecting that first baby. today the royal palace announced the due date is sometime in july. the palace also announced kate's condition is improving after she was hospitalized last month for acute morning sickness. and if you want a chance to take your picture with the san francisco giants world series trophy, just head to richmond today. beginning at 3:00 p.m. the 2012 and 2010 trophies will be on display at the richmond memorial auditorium. it's all parts of giants three month trophy tour. the event is free but fans are encouraged to make a $2 donation to the richmond little league and giants program. today on channel 2 news at 5:00 the clock is ticking. it could be the final hours for those at pete's harbor on the peninsula. what we have learned about the
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eviction notices being handed out and grass roots effort being mounded to fight off a development. thank you so much for trusting ktvu channel 2 news at noon. we'll see you next time during news breaks and then be sure to join us again at 5:00.
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starting at $8.99 for lunch. sizzler. where fresh is fun.

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